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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

SEO Posts You Should Read (or Re-Read)

As I pondered what to do on days where I can't find anything new and interesting to contribute to the world of SEO, I realized I can just point the 7 people that read my blog to some great posts by other fellers. Here's a quick list:

SEO Book's commentary on Google and "Value". It's intense, it's true, and I felt like Hansel needing my eyebrows cut when I was done reading it.

Graywolf had a post about the +/-30 penalty. Man, that thing is getting people in a pickle. I haven't seen a consensus opinion of what it really means (how many pages, how long) and how it is triggered and subsequently fixed. Maybe we're all still figuring that out.

Here's some good advice from SEOMoz / SEOBook. More food for thought if anything.

Jim Boykin had me going through some of his archives (not intentially), and I found a cool post I read many moons ago about how to identify sites to get links on. Then he goes and names his kid after me - congrats.

Check back on Hooley's ThinkBait too, new design for the new playa of SEO.

See you cats on Thursday.


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